Pyc Eng

Limited Liability Company "PrimaLine" is an engineering and design company founded in 1995. During this time there have been issued more than 100 projects of a different scale and complexity: from the construction and reconstruction of industrial complexes to large public sector buildings and high-rise residential buildings.

The company has a team of highly skilled architects/engineers and provides design solutions for civil and industrial projects with the implementation of the functions of the major planner. PrimaLine Ltd ensures a high level of professional design solutions, the optimization of a design process and the coordination of project documentation at all the necessary stages, information and consulting services, as well as full architectural supervision during the construction of a project.

Experience, knowledge and professional skills of our stuff, precise and concise calculation in conjunction with the use of modern trends and solutions in design and construction allows us to bring the developer's ideas to their practical realization in constructed projects.

Our services

Integrated development of project documentation for construction, reconstruction and major repair of buildings and structures of I and II levels of responsibility, design of external engineering networks (infrastructure) and constructions. Execution of the functions of the major planner. Architectural supervision. Consultation on the design and construction matters.

Main directions of the design:

Public buildings:

  • Shopping malls, hypermarkets, multifunctional complexes
  • Sport, recreation and wellness facilities
  • Hotels, consumer services and catering enterpris
  • Administrative buildings and business centers.

Industrial buildings:

  • Enterprises of food (including meat and dairy) and of light industry, transport and construction industry facilities, warehouse facilities
  • Transportation and logistics centers
  • Multi-level parking lots, garages, car washes
  • Administrative and domestic household blocks

We carry out high-quality projects and conduct all the necessary work on their approval and agreement at the following design stages:

Pre-project work:

  • Preliminary approval of the location of an object of construction
  • Preparation of initial data (geodesic engineering and geotechnical surveys, survey of building structures condition, collection of engineering loads)
  • advising on the preparation of initial data

Draft Project:

  • Development of a conceptual design with the required number of options till the complete approval by the client and the subsequent agreement in necessary instances

The architectural and construction projects in the following sections:

  • The master plan, landscaping, taxation
  • Traffic management during the period of construction and operation
  • External networks and heat, water and sanitation systems , electrical supply and lighting, systems for telephone, TV cables, radio, lightning protection and earthing
  • Civil Engineering (Individual Heat Units, Canalization Pressure Stations, sewage treatment plants, transformer substations, etc.)
  • Local Computer Networks
  • Architectural solutions
  • Technological solutions
  • Refrigeration
  • Constructive Solutions
  • Internal engineering equipment, networks and systems (heat-, water supply and sewage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, lighting, communications)
  • Automation of complex
  • Telecontrol
  • Protection of the environment. Environmental Passport of a project. Environmental calculations (calculation of a dispersion degree of contamination, concentration, etc.)
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Interior Solutions
  • Estimates